If you are thinking of starting your own Pennsylvania business, you should consider purchasing a franchise. You can learn from people who have the tried and true recipes for success that are willing to share those secrets with you. Pennsylvania is a great place to get started, too. With its historical significance, large, revitalized cities, and beautiful four-season climate, it is making a comeback as one of the best states to open a business in this century. So, if you want to get started today, here is what you should know:

Pennsylvania’s Best Cities to Open a Business

pennsylvaniaAllentown, located on the Lehigh River, is Pennsylvania’s third most populous city. It’s claim to fame prior to the industrial revolution was the fact that the colonists hid the Liberty Bell from the British troops there. Allentown is also the site of several well-known beer breweries.

However, as it is immortalized in a Billy Joel song, Allentown is perhaps best known as an industrial center that was prosperous from the late 19th century until the 1960s. Unfortunately, due to de-industrialization, the economic base started to erode. That is why the Allentown Economic Development Corporation now operates a business incubator called Bridgeworks to help attract commercial businesses to the area. Therefore, it is a great place to get the franchise ball rolling.

Scranton is Pennsylvania’s sixth largest city and it is located at the center of the Lackawanna River Valley. Once a major producer of both coal and steel, Scranton was on an economic high in the late 1800s, but has since declined as manufacturing has become defunct in the area. However, they are now going through a rebirth of sorts, thanks to the tourism industry. Scranton was smart enough to profit from its rich history with attractions such as The Steamtown National Historic Site featuring its once-legendary railroad industry.

Scranton is now attracting young professionals and artists due to a low cost of living and a pedestrian-friendly set-up. Along with the influx has come many restaurants, coffee shops, and nightclubs.

Best Types of Franchises to Own In Pennsylvania

franchise5HEAT Bootcamp, established in 2013 in Austin, Texas, is a fitness regimen that the company claims is unlike any that you have ever done. It is a combination of core conditioning and cardiovascular intervals that combine to provide customers with the toned, fit body that they are seeking. Franchising since 2015, founder Cody Butler and president Joey Trombetta claim to be selling a lifestyle rather than a workout.

HEAT Bootcamp provides franchisees with acclaimed start-up training at the Austin flagship location. Here franchisees will learn basic business principles and how to handle issues as they arise in the field. Instructors will provide several classroom hours of training.

In addition to hands-on training, franchisees will be given a complete equipment package that is especially tailored to their business site and location. Any additional equipment will be received at a substantial vendor savings, since the company negotiates with all vendors for you and you benefit from their established relationships. The company also readily provides marketing assistance, including your initial supply of marketing materials, a personalized webpage, and marketing catalogs, flyers, and brochures. You are also given site selection and build-out assistance, a fully-integrated software suite, and exclusive territory rights. Operation support is always available from the expert helpline.

A net worth of $250,000 is required to open a Heat Bootcamp franchise, with a total investment of approximately $100,000. A franchise fee of $30,000 is also required. HEAT Bootcamp provides financing through third parties to those that qualify.

Glass Doctor, which has been operating since 1962 and franchising since 1977, is a business that offers complete glass service, repair, and replacement for both commercial and residential windows, as well as automotive. The Waco, Texas company is headed by Mark Liston and is a part of The Dwyer Group.

The company will provide franchisees with an array of important marketing and training materials. The Dwyer marketing team will assist with planning your grand opening, provide suggestions based on customer feedback, and set up your website and social media accounts. They are also willing to lend their expertise in online/digital and print advertising, email marketing, and local and national television campaigns.

Glass Doctor also has a knowledgeable call center staffed with helpful people and ongoing training provided by a dedicated staff that is always available to provide guidance and support. They will also provide you with menu pricing guides and uniforms and vehicle wraps for that extra-professional appearance. All franchisees are provided with their own mutually agreed upon territory.

All that is needed from franchisees is a franchise fee of $35,000 and $100,000 of liquid cash. A net worth of $100,000 is required. There is also an ongoing royalty fee of 5-7% and an advertisement fee of 2%. Glass Doctor offers in-house financing to cover the franchise fee and third party options to finance equipment, start-up costs, payroll, and inventory.

Unique Pennsylvania Franchise Laws

franchise4State representative Peter Daley proposed the Responsible Franchise Practices Bill in 2013 and it is still pending. If it passes, it will be the first franchise law in Pennsylvania.

Daley feels that the current franchise laws do not protect franchisees as adequately as the proposed bill plans to do. In order to make franchise agreements much more fair to franchisees, the bill intends to eliminate arbitrariness, duress, and coercion by limiting the right of a franchisor to terminate an agreement, as well as limiting the franchisor’s right to refuse to renew an agreement, and allowing franchisees to purchase products from approved sources without restriction.

According to the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, the bill has been re-referred to the Consumer affairs Division of the legislature in October 2015 and it is still being reviewed. However, if approved, it is something that will make opening a franchise business in Pennsylvania more appealing by far.

In conclusion, the old coal and steel warhorse of Pennsylvania is reinventing itself and its economy in a big way. So, if you want to get in on the ground floor of a complete revitalization of some of America’s most industrious cities of the past, you should consider a franchise and get started today.