A franchise offers the advantages of operating under the umbrella of an already established business. Fortunately, the investment ideas, the brand, the methods of operation that have been tried and tested can be replicated in a number of areas. Running a franchise allows you to use a developed brand to your advantage. As such, there will be a minimum hassle when it comes to building the reputation of the business.

Why Entrepreneurs prefer to invest in South Dakota

south-dakotaSouth Dakota offers some of the lowest tax burdens in the United States. With very little individual or company tariffs and low property taxes, South Dakota is a convenient location to launch a startup. The State has the most affordable utility rates and affordable rents for both commercial and residential purposes. South Dakota has a vast array of franchising opportunities in a myriad of categories. However, its largest industries are gas stations, shopping malls, and fast food outlets. Some franchises such as Slip Doctors, You Move Me, MacDonald’s, and Seriously Addictive Mathematics have thrived in the state. Some of the ideal areas for starting a new business include Sioux Falls and Aberdeen.

  1. Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a distinguished higher education center that attracts many business students from all over the world. The broad range of Universities provides immense technical support to the start-ups, small businesses, and corporations in Aberdeen. The expense of running a company in South Dakota are significantly low compared to the national average. Such factors allow South Dakota to rank as the top state in the country in terms of low operational costs. Aberdeen is a favorite when it comes to choosing a business-friendly environment because of the following factors:

  • Low cost of doing business
  • Thriving economy
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Competent workforce
  • High quality of life
  • Innovation and technology

This business-friendly climate draws in big corporations and burgeoning small businesses alike, making South Dakota a center for multinational corporations and innovative start-ups. Business schools in South Dakota offer degrees in economics, management, and technology. There are plenty of advanced programs in entrepreneurship, economics, Information Technology, and banking.

  1. Sioux Falls

From its modest start as an agricultural town, Sioux Falls has now blossomed into a diverse, financial powerhouse. With growing financial and technical services, Sioux Falls boasts a low unemployment rate that is lower than the national average. When you consider a job creation rate that exceeds the national average, you can get the picture. Finding an investment opportunity in a city with such an excellent economy is not always easy, but the city has lots of options at your disposal. Beginning a franchise in Sioux Falls gives you a golden opportunity to hit the ground running and conduct business in the ideal environment.

South Dakota Franchise Laws

franchise14South Dakota has some laws and regulations that manage the franchising procedure. These laws vary from the need to file a notice before the registration process to the submission of the Full Disclosure Document (FDD). The franchise laws were passed to restrict the power of franchisors to terminate the contract without a good reason. The laws also regulate the renewals, transfers, methods of operation, and a host of other elements that affect the relationship between the two parties. South Dakota laws prohibit the termination of a franchise unless the breach of the franchise contract is proven beyond reasonable doubt. The laws also penalize the franchisee in the case of a default or delay, but they give every party chance to amend the unavoidable mistakes.

Complete Disclosure File (FDD)

When submitting the disclosure document, the franchiser will highlight the issues that will determine the nature of the relationship between the franchiser and the prospective franchisee. In the course of time, the franchiser must revise the FDD by including the changes that might occur in the company. South Dakota requires full disclosure on the following aspects:

  • Preliminary registration fees
  • The franchisor’s commitments to offer technical help
  • The role of the franchiser when it comes to providing equipment and training
  • An estimate of the franchisee’s preliminary investment

Another advantage of franchises is that you can get the financial resources to expand your business quite easily. Financiers prefer to fund a business with an established network and a popular brand that performs well in the market. A franchise attorney will guide you through the franchising process from start to finish, and help you to avoid the common challenges.