The state of Utah is a great place to begin a Franchise. It is, however, important that you take into account the business laws so as to be on the safe side. It is, for this reason, business lawyers come in handy. The best outcome for any business will be in its ability to comply with the state laws. All American states will have laws that re unique to their state. Some rules will be shared across the board while others come in as by laws to curb issues affecting the particular state. Do you know that it is illegal to ride hands-free in Utah? These laws will govern business right from the contracts and deals to normal operations. The laws will also govern the workforce which is one of the most sensitive areas when it comes to Franchises.

Business Laws and regulations in Utah

utahHe laws governing franchises in Utah include Wages and hours worked legislation that stipulate the rights of the worker, benefits like health, retirement and leaves laws as well as hiring requirements. The franchise owner also has to familiarize with Termination laws, equal opportunity for all workers, Safety and health requirements as well as unions and the membership of the same. One of the most unusual laws covers the rights of whistleblowers binding a business to non-retaliation clauses. Laws will also govern the use of posters and the closing of plants. Layouts also have to be covered. It is amazing to note that Utah has taken the best state for business startups award according to CNBC.

Impressive Utah

It also hosts some of the biggest businesses and franchises in America Including Microsoft, P&G, Morgan Stanley, UPS, EBay, American Express, Adobe, EA, Nestle and Wells Fargo. The thriving business community makes it one of the best states to build a business in. The state holds about 57,000 small businesses employing about 500, 000 people in Utah. It is also rated the fastest growing economy in America with an unemployment rate of 5.2 % which is 2.5 lesser than the American unemployment rate. The economy growth rate is at 4.2% and is also rates the ten lowest burden economy in the US. All these statistics go a long way to prove that Utah is a perfect State when it comes to investments.

Franchise Opportunities in Utah

There are quite some franchises that you can invest in. Utah like any other State in the U.S is a lucrative business state that allows business to thrive.

frenshfriesThe Food industry

The food industry is ever busy with ready franchises from all over the U.S available for sale. The food industry has a broad range of options including restaurants, fast food joints, and fine dining restaurants.

Entertainment Industry

Research shows that Utah is one of the best places to have fun in the U.S. It is also home to some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. This has created an influx of tourists seeking thrills and things to do in Utah. Creating entertainment spots such as cinemas, gaming hubs and comic stores will be a very good idea.

Clothing, textiles, and shoes

Utah being a thriving economy means that people have money to spend what better way to do this than buy clothes and shoes. Franchises like Vans, Toms and much more are likely to do well in Utah. Designer clothing, as well as other common bands, are ideal.


franchising29Utah has been rated one of the most toured States after Miami and California which makes it perfect for tourist spots. It also comes with some of the best ski resorts which are an ideal business idea. It is also rated as one of the states with the most stable family units making friendly getaways an opportunity you cannot pass. Hotels, resorts, cafes and amusement parks will do very well.

Beauty and cosmetics

This is a business likely to do well anywhere in America. Barber shops, spas, and salons are ideal for relaxation, sprucing up and beauty therapy. This is one of these best ideas, especially when situated at malls and busy shopping centers.


The fact that there are many businesses in Utah means that e-commerce is thriving. Coming up with firms that offer connectivity and electronic solutions will be a splendid idea.

Utah is a state full of opportunities. This also means that innovation will go a long way. New ideas that solve problems are likely to pick and grow in this great state.